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Aetna health insurance plans are constantly updated to cover various health threats and problems you may encounter. During this time of year, concussions become somewhat common, usually due to the popularity of winter sports. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages hit the slopes every year to enjoy the ice and snow for as long as it lasts. While winter sports provide an excellent opportunity to stay in shape and have fun. Unfortunately, one of the most common injuries that occur from winter sports is concussion.

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Aetna health insurance quotes usually cover emergency room visits and treatment for sports injuries. Concussions are often cause for trips to the emergency room. A concussion occurs when the brain moves suddenly back and forth in the skull. The brain actually bounces or twists inside the skull. This kind of traumatic brain injury can cause damage to the brain cells, and create bleeding in the tissues of the brain. It can also cause chemical changes within the functions of the brain, affecting mood, temperament, and causing chronic headaches.

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According to information available to Aetna health insurance Oklahoma through Medical News Today, quick treatment for concussion can often save the life of the person injured. The majority of the time, a person recovers from a concussion quickly. But other people may suffer for weeks with the results of a concussion, and a few cases may linger for years.

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The problem with a concussion is that after a blow to the head, the person may be convinced that they are actually fine, yet is unaware that a slow bleed has developed in their brain. This bleed, in just a few hours, can cause death. Aetna health insurance plans strive to educate athletes about the dangers of ignoring medical care after a blow to the head, as problems suddenly develop.

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This was the case with the actress Natasha Richardson. She refused medical treatment after a fall on the ski slopes. About 3 hours later, she developed a headache. She went to the hospital at that time, and passed away soon afterward. Doctors say that if she had gone directly to the hospital and had a CT scan, the bleed in her brain would have been discovered early on and she would have received the appropriate treatments.

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Aetna health insurance Oklahoma reports that concussions are certainly treatable, but you have to go to the doctor immediately. You don’t have much time after the injury to halt potential damage. It takes 20 seconds to find out if there is traumatic brain injury, and can save your life. Apply for Aetna health insurance to make sure you have coverage, especially if you are an athlete in OK. Quick medical care can save your life.
You’ll find that Aetna health insurance quotes are competitive and affordable. Contact an agent today and apply for Aetna health insurance, so that you’ll have proper coverage. With good insurance, you’ll be more likely to seek medical care when you need it.