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Aetna health insurance plans are developed to provide the best, most comprehensive medical coverage available. To do so, the company keeps track of medical news. In this case news about brain health is quite fascinating.
Researchers in the UK have found that the blood vessels in the brain produce a protein that can stimulate repair for brain damage. Most of the neurons in the brain are there from birth, or formed right after birth. However, some are still formed later on because of neural stem cells (NSCs). These NSCs are triggered, in certain areas of the brain, by proteins created by blood vessels.

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Aetna health insurance Ohio knows that stem cells have been used in therapies for decades, but the findings of the Medical Research Council, according to Medical News Today reveal that the NSCs may be able to adapt to new uses in the brain, such as functions in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is where memories and learning is centered.

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When you apply for Aetna health insurance, you become part of a large company that strives to provide the best care for its clients. This potential NSCs therapy is promising for those who are affected with Alzheimer’s, stroke victims, or other types of brain damage. It seems that the NSCs are located in areas of the brain that are rich in another type of cell that is often near blood vessels. These areas each generate signals that govern what the NSCs do. These signals tell the NSCs to divide at a certain rate, and determine the job they will do. In the case of a stroke, the NSCs are instructed to become scar tissue. Aetna health insurance quotes, at this time don’t reflect treatment with NSCs because it is still being researched.

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The areas that have the most NSCs show that a protein is generated in those areas. The protein, betacellulin (BTC), boosts brain regeneration. Researchers, in experiments with mice, have shown that BTC makes stem cells and dividing cells, or neuroblasts, proliferate. When the researchers increased the amount of BTC, more neurons were formed. When BTC blockers were used, neuron production stopped. This is exciting news to Aetna health insurance plans. While it will still be years before research is complete and ready for use on humans, the idea that damaged areas of the brain can actually grow new neurons is promising. Aetna health insurance Ohio will be following the development of the use BTC in generating new neurons, and the transplantation of NSCs for repairs to damaged areas of the brain.

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For Aetna health insurance quotes, you can contact an OH Aetna insurance agent. He will take your information and find a policy that is right for your needs. Aetna is one of the largest health insurance companies in the country, with vast resources. Your Aetna health insurance Ohio will cover catastrophic care, and can be written to cover your daily medical needs, as well.