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Aetna Health Insurance of Illinois

Looking for the right health insurance policy is more complicated then just choosing the least expensive plan; you also need to choose a plan from a carrier that you can trust like Aetna health insurance Illinois.
When choosing Aetna health insurance IL for your individual or family health insurance policy you are joining hands with more then 14 million other American members and gaining the advantage of one of the biggest health insurance provider networks which includes more then 721,000 health care services providers, including nearly 431,000 primary care and specialist physicians and 4,323 hospitals which makes finding a doctor you like and who takes your insurance simple and easy.

Aetna Health coverage in Illinois is easy to get

All of Aetna health insurance plans offer a wide range of choices for health care services and deductibles making finding a policy that fits both your needs and you budget finally possible.
Which Aetna health insurance plans are right for you?

Aetna health insurance Illinois HMO Plans

With an HMO plan from Aetna health insurance Illinois members choose a primary care physician who manages and coordinates all of their in network health care needs. Members must request a referral from their PCP for specialist services. Other benefits of these types of Aetna health insurance plans include low fixed out of pocket costs for in network care, no claims forms and no lifetime maximums.

Aetna health insurance Illinois PPO plans

Although Aetna health insurance plans offer services through a preferred provider network which consists of thousands of doctors and medical facilities with a PPO plan members do not have to access care through it. Members can go to any doctor or hospital that they choose without a referral however use of out of network doctors and facilities will result in higher out of pocket costs.

Aetna health insurance Illinois Preventive and Hospital Care Plans

For those who are healthy and rarely need to see a doctor Aetna health insurance Illinois offers their Preventive and Hospital Care plans. These plans cover preventive care such as well child visits, annual GYN exams and check ups as well as in patient hospital care, limited out patient surgery, skilled nursing or home health care.

Aetna health insurance Illinois Medicare Plans

Aetna health insurance Illinois offers solutions to the gaps left behind by original Medicare. Aetna health insurance Illinois offers several types of Medicare coverage including Medicare Supplement plans, prescription drug coverage and Medicare Advantage plans.

Aetna Illinois

Aetna is dedicated to helping individuals, families and groups across the nation find secure and affordable health insurance coverage. With a variety of plans to choose from, you are sure to find the health coverage that is the best fit for you needs. Choose from medical coverage, life insurance, Medicare, prescription drug and much more. To obtain a free health insurance quote on Aetna health insurance IL, contact us today and one of our insurance agents will be happy to assist you or answer any of your questions.